How to treat more serious forms of acne?

Simple acne can be eradicated with the help of some few home remedies available with people. Acne means excess of oil which can be eradicated with the help of regular oil clearance from your face and other parts of the skin.

You need to be very spectacular and cautious when you see you are suffering from serious forms of acne. Aggressive treatment will be required with the help of the dermatologist when you are suffering from the serious forms of acne.

The forms of acne which leads to disfiguring would require years of treatment procedure. Previously, doctors as well as patients have experienced treatment failures. But, not the time has come when all cases of acne can be easily treated.

You must have been hearing two words acne and pimples for a long time. By now this might have been quite familiar to you. Most of the people treat the acne really very casually.

But, let me tell you that acne can also take its massive form. This is the time when the acne becomes severe. Even if you see a doctor, the serious acne marks will not go away.

Thus, it is really important for you to take care of the acne problems right from the beginning. In this article we will speak about the ways through which we can treat the serious forms of acne.

Methods of treating serious acne

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You can now find variety of ways through which acne can be treated. If you show a doctor, he will take it in a different ways and treat the serious form of acne in the following ways:

  • Through oral contraceptives
  • Isotretinoin
  • Surgical excision
  • Drainage
  • Through oral antibiotics
  • With the intralesional corticosteroid injection

Surgical excision and drainage

If the cysts of acne become really large, it will hardly respond to the medication alone. Thus, the only way to do this will be through extraction as well as drainage.

We trained dermatologists’ carries on with the procedure of surgery of acne under certain severe conditions. Surgery under sterile condition is not very feasible.

If patients himself carries on with the process of drainage and squeezing, it can lead to infection. It will rather make the condition of acne worsen. Thus, you need to be very cautious and go ahead with the process of acne surgery.


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It is basically confined to a potent drug which is reserved in making the condition of severe cysts acne better and broader. It is basically a name given to a man made or synthetic retinoid that is associated in the form of a pill.

You must consume it twice in a day for around 16 to 20 days at a stretch. Many people found this to be one of the most effective acne treatments as this works really well in all four factors of acne faced by individuals.

The four factors include clogged skin pores, production of excess oil, inflammation and acnes. This works so well in some patient that they require one one dose of this treatment.

Oral contraceptives

You must have heard the use of oral contraceptives as whenever you hear about the same, you will be reminded about the birth control pills. But, it is really amazing to learn that the same pill is also very effective in curing your acne marks.

Many people are still unaware of the fact that the oral contraceptives can be easily used in the long term acne therapy.

But, if you are among the individuals who have a habit of smoking, suffering from migraine and blood clotting disorder, you should not consume it. There is a way of using the combination of spironolactone along with the oral contraceptive when female suffers from acne.

Treatment with isotretinoin

It is true that Isotretinoin is effective in treating acne formed over your skin. But, it will not be suitable for every individual as it has number of side effects. People have experienced side effect while development of fetus in the women’s womb.

According to the medical science and doctors associated with the treatment procedure, a lady willing to get treatment with Isotretinoin due to acne must not be pregnant.

Also women with the child bearing age must go ahead with two pregnancy tests before going ahead with the treatment procedure of Isotretinoin. Also it is very important to speak to the gynecologist that it is safe to become pregnancy before going ahead with Isotretinoin treatment.

Oral antibiotics

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For years oral antibiotics is used for acne treatment duly prescribed by many doctors. Whenever doctor finds a specific disease is not taking good shape, it is subjected to eradication through a course of oral antibiotics.

Preliminary dosage is quite high but after it, the dosage is reduced. As soon as acne starts resolving, dosage is converted from high to low.

Treatment plan

When acne has taken its severe form, you must take the right step. The treatment plan must be specified with spectacular advancement. If the type of acne is moderate, it will be portrayed as inflamed view.

It is better to go for tropical treatment in this situation. The oral antibiotics can also work here. In the severe cases, the bacterial attack becomes the most.

Birth control pills for acne

Acne is generally the result of hormonal imbalance. Even the birth control pills are used to make the hormonal secretion in order. Some of the doctors also say birth control pills can help removing the severe acne.

But do not just take any type of birth control pills as per your wish. It is important to consult with doctor. He will be able to give you best medicine that can treat your problem and will never harm you as well.

Treatment through light source

You might not know but the treatment through the light sources works really well. Most of the people have decided to go ahead with such treatment procedure. Yes, the laser therapy is very well in use to remove the marks caused by the acne over your face.

The procedure might be really expensive but it can be really effective. As compare to the creams and pills, this one can work well. If you are suffering from acne for a long time and wish to get the best remedy, Photo dynamic therapy or PDT will be the best.