How to easily make nail polish on nail last longer

Nail polish on fingers and toes give a pretty look but the problem arises when chipping of nail polish starts in just a day or two. As yet there have been no tricks for nail polish to last longer as the hands are in action throughout the day –typing, washing, cleaning, bathing eating etc. these give no chance for the manicure to stay for long. One can just applying top coat of paint every second day.

Every lady wishes to get a beautiful hand which she can flaunt and display. An attractive nail polish plays a great role in this situation. But most of the time we find the nail polish ruined just in the same day or the day after. This is a complaint that comes from thousands of ladies. But, there are ways to overcome such situation. Let us explore the ways of protecting out nail polish right in our nails of hands. Some ladies like very dark color nail polish whereas others are comfortable with a light and sober color.

Some tricks to make nail polish last for at least a week

How to fix curved nails

Shorter nails —The tips of long nails are exposed to many things like keys, doors, peeling stickers, cutting vegetables. They are easily harmed in some form or the other. Short nails on the other hand do not get injured during any activity.

Invest in the best top coat—there are chances of a good quality top paint to last longer. So it is better to invest in top coat than try the ordinary ones.

Use gloves—Washing and cleaning with soap and water will surely damage the nail polish. Soap and water have the tendency to dry out the paint and make it dull and chipped. A good pair of rubber gloves will help one to save the nail polish for some time.

Allow for enough dry time—Smudges and dents take place when less time is given for the nail polish to dry.Given enough time after painting the nails before indulging into activities that would help   from ruining the polish.

Seal the edge—the edges of the nails should be sealed before applying the top coat. The edge must be sealed by the clear paint.

Keep the nails healthy– Nail problems like peeling breakage and ridges need to be fixed for themanicure to last longer.

Go for thinner strokes—Thick coats of paint can peel off easily whereas thinner coats tend to last longer. Better to apply multiple thinner coats than one thick coat.

File in one direction—Nails should be filed in one direction—first from left to right and then from right to left. Back and forth strokes weaken the nails and lead them to peeling and breakage.

Stay away from hand sanitizer- Sanitizers contain alcohol which make the hands dry, making them dull and ready to chip. Use mild soap and water for cleaning hands.

Stop soaking your nails—never soak nails in water because in soaking, nails absorb water and expand in shape… When nails are painted they contract and the water evaporates

Some more experienced tips for making the nail polish stay on for a longer time

Best tips for long nails

  • Nail polish remover the best friend to make nail polish stay for a long time. The nails on the hands make the nail polish chip from the nails—a thin coat of nail polish remover before applying the base coat will remove the excess oil from the nails.
  • Use of a thin layer of Base Coat will help in making the main coat stay better and help in removing ridges and crevices. The base coat will reduce the drying time and help in getting rid of the bubbles.
  • The new trends of caviar and sequin nails do not stay for long. These are recommended for going to parties for a short time… they are not suitable for everyday use.
  • Shimmering colors last longer than normal polish. The shimmer and glitter sticks to the nails and provides glamour to any outfit.
  • Top coating on nails is like polishing the car. Two very thin coats of top coat will give better color to the nails and easily fix the chips.
  • Be patient and give enough time to dry the nail polish. Less time will ruin the nails while a good 45 minutes to dry will make the nails slippery and scratch proof.
  • The oils in the cuticles and nail bed must be maintained to keep the polish stay longer. Nail beds and cuticles must be kept hydrated by the use of cuticle oils. Dry cuticles and sides of nails tend to chip out faster, taking away the polish on them.
  • As said earlier there is no special trick to keep nail polish for long, but by following some of these tips I am sure the lasting can be extended for some more time.

How to easily make nail polish on nails last longer

Nail enamel

How to get beautiful nails

Some ladies have the habit of putting nail polish simply over the nails. They are not aware of the protection layer that they have to give in order to make the nail polish stay for a long time. Nail enamel plays a vital role here. You must get good quality nail enamel from the market and apply it over your hand nails. Once the enamel is dry, put nail polish.

Oiling nails

Using oil on nails can be another effective way to retain the nail polish right on your fingers. You can apply any type of natural essential oil such as olive oil, jojoba oil or lavender oil. Apply it to your nail cuticles also so that it can hold the nail polish from all corners. Even this step will give your nail enough moisture for extra strength.

Layer after layer

I have seen ladies applying the coats of nail polish all at a time. This is a very bad decision and will lead to ruing of nail polish. You have to put the first coat in the beginning. It must be a thin layer but is an important step. Now allow it to dry for an hour. There after you can put another coat. If you are still not satisfied with the color of the nail polish coat, go ahead with the third coat just after an hour or two. This will give you an extraordinary remedy for attractive nails.