Surprising uses of mustard seeds – Health benefits of mustard seeds

Indians from various region especially Bengal has tendency of using mustard seeds. Along with the mustard oil, they get a wonderful flavor in curries after using mustard seed.

Putting mustard seed directly in boiling oil raises flavor to the curry before adding vegetables and other spices in the cooking process. It is really delicious to have fishes made by using mustard seeds.

Women cooking regularly for her family make delicious dishes with the help of the mustard seeds. You can also have a look at the health benefits of mustard seeds.

There was a time when Indian kitchen have mustard oil to cook food. The present day’s refined oil has emphasis with health benefits. But, in older times mustard seeds also have wider benefits.

If you compare the physic and health of two persons one consuming food cooked in mustard oil and the other one in refined oil, you can see the healthier person has consumed mustard seeds.

Let us find out some surprising uses of mustard seeds. Mustard is basically known as a winter crop available in the countries like China, India, and Canada etc.

Benefits and uses of mustard seeds

Treating arthritis

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You can now use the mustard seeds in treating arthritis. Individuals suffering from the Rheumatic arthritis get the benefit of curing it completely through the intake of mustard seeds as it include magnesium and selenium.

Treat respiratory congestion

You can now get wonderful treatment of respiratory congestion by consuming mustard seeds on a regular basis as the strong smell of mustard will easily remove the blockage and respiratory congestion.

Bowel movement

Since mustard seeds have dietary fibers, you will get a wonderful bowel movement with the consumption of vegetables and fishes made up with the mustard seeds.

If you have the problem of constipation, it will lead to serious problem if it is not been cured in time. But, with the help of the mustard seed, bowel movement will take place in an effective way.

Stopping migraine

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Migraine has become a serious problem to many individuals in this earth. Main reason behind getting migraine is due to lack of magnesium in diet.

Since the mustard seed contains good amount of mustard seed, amount of magnesium in your body will be will be increased. Omega 3 fatty acid will be associated with the benefit of curing migraine problem.


If you are suffering from Asthma, mustard seed will be a great remedy. Since it contains the minerals such as magnesium and copper, it will be quite easy to get a cure from the attack of asthma.

Skin benefits of mustard seeds

Skin hydration

You can now smash the mustard seeds and Aloe Vera gel and apply it on your skin. All the impurities from your skin will be removed with the help of this perfect pack. Proper nourishment of your skin will is now available with an advantage of nourishment.

Fighting with infection

You may suffer from various types of infections throughout your life as soon as free radicals enter your skin.

But, the mustard seed is a wonderful ingredient that helps in fighting with all types of infections that come forward due to the free radicals. You don’t need to go to doctor to treat your infection. Rather, it will be possible through the mustard seeds.


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You may find variety of scrubbers in the market that spells out all types of dead skins from your body. But, if you can get a natural scrubber and that too in very low cost, nothing will be like it.

Mustard seed must be half smashed and applied on your skin. Rub your skin gently and remove all dead skin layers. It is really very effective as a natural scrubber.

Break in aging process

Every individual will become old at some point in life. But, the aging process is very frustrating. You must get depressed when you look at your picture that was shot 10 years ago.

But, with the help of mustard seed, you can easily create a break in the aging process. You will definitely get old which is a natural process but the procedure will be quite slower.

Uses of mustard seeds for hair

Growth in your hair has become restricted due to improper care, lack of protein and pollution. If you want to start growth of your hair once again, mustard seed will be one of the effective ways.

Even if your hair is long, strength is another important factor that must be associated with your hair growth. Sudden breakage of hair has become quite common to ladies today.

In order to make your hair strengthen, you need to take help from the mustard seeds. You will certainly observe less hair fall after using the mustard seed in the treatment process.

Health benefits of mustard seeds

Source of vitamins and minerals

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Mustard seeds have variety of health benefits. It is rich source of minerals and vitamins. For every human being the adequate quantity of nutrients including minerals and vitamins will be required.

After consuming it in your food, you can remove oxidants from your body. It is also rich in dietary fibers that are really important for your body. Mustard seeds is very well loaded with minerals and vitamins.

Good for nervous system

These days’ people suffer from variety of health disorder. Nervous system disorder is another problem people are facing due to changes in their lifestyle and stress attack. Mustard seeds are rich in vitamin B complex which is essential for your body.

The particular vitamin also helps in getting proper function of nervous system. It also regulates body metabolism. You can try this today and see how well it works in improving your nervous system.

Relieves muscle pain and arthritis

The mustard seeds contain both magnesium and selenium. This has both heat producing properties backed with anti inflammatory properties. You can make a paste of mustard seeds and little water.

You will get a paste and apply it over the area where you have problems like arthritis, muscle pains and joint pain. The ingredient produces great amount of heat and helps in reduction of inflammation over the skin layer.

The muscle mass becomes harden and thus gives rise to pain. But the mustard seeds recipe works really well in reducing the toughness of muscle and making it soft.