Top 10 fruits that make this summer cool – Must have fruits during summer

You have some of the fresh and pulpy fruits available in summer and these are the best tasty fruits you can have to stay no perfect and fit during the hot days of summer. Most fruits have antioxidants and this is the reason you should have an intake of the same to stay fresh and rejuvenated for all the summer days.

The perfect pineapple


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You can start with pineapple. Pineapple has lots of enzymes and this fruit is even rich in vitamin and antioxidants. Pineapple is known as the anti inflammation cocktail. It is a great fruit to help fight ailments like colon cancer, macular degeneration and arthritis. In fact, this is a great summer fruit with lots of advantages.

Watermelon is a healer

Watermelon is a HealerWatermelon has a direct connection with your heart. If you intake watermelon on regular basis you can notice that hike in the level of arginine. Watermelon even has the right amount of amino acid and this helps in the normal blood flow to the source of ticker. Watermelon even has the high level of citruline and you have more things into the fruit to help in legitimate survival especially during summer.

The curing kiwiThe Curing Kiwi

Do you know that kiwi has better content of vitamin C than orange? Kiwi is the other name for giant berry and the fruit is rich in potassium, fibre and vitamin E. You can eat kiwi just like apples and enjoy plenty of nutritional benefits. The fruit will help you stay fit all throughout summer.

The magic of guava in summerThe Magic of Guava in Summer

Guava is once again a nice summer fruit and it is known to be subtly acidic. In guava you find contents of lycopene and this is the kind of antioxidant which helps in fighting prostate cancer. Guava is considered to be a fruit rich in fibre and you can enjoy this nutritional supplement all throughout summer.

Pear is a great summer fruitPear is a Great Summer Fruit

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You can start the season with pears and this is again a super fruit which can really help you stay well all the time. The fruit is rich in vitamin C and when you are selecting the fruit you should feel the softness at the end of the stem. A ripe pear is more than a good fruit in summer. Just enjoy the taste of the same and remain cool for the rest of the season.

Mango is the real summer fruitMango is the Real Summer Fruit

You call mangoes the king of fruits in summer. This is the perfect summer fruit rich in Vitamin C and A. Mango comes with a healthy dosage of beta carotene and this is the best fruit you can help yourself with for the prevention of cancer. Moreover, the intake of the fruit is sure to make your skin feel so soft and glowing. This makes mango the must have fruit for summer.

Coconut is good for summerCoconut is Good for Summer

Coconut once again is a great fruit for summer. This is a perfect fruit to help prevent heart diseases and this contains more saturated far in comparison to butter. The content of saturated fat in reality is the amount of lauric acid. However, you should be careful regarding the amount of coconut intake as it is known for increasing the content of bad cholesterol.

Papaya is a healing summer fruitPapaya is a Healing Summer Fruit

The yummy papaya is a fruit with lots of vitamin C. With the right and regular intake of papaya you can help your child fight cold. Papaya has beta carotene and lots of Vitamin E. Papaya can heal skin inflammation and it can even lessen the outcomes of asthma. The fruit is the rich source of papain and this is the perfect enzyme which can break down the level of protein and this is the reason it is a fruit soft.

The typical star fruitThe Typical Star Fruit

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Star Fruit is a native Asian fruit and it is even known by the name of carambola. This is the perfect fruit which would not increase your level of calorie but would deliver lots of Vitamin C. The fruit is known as the perfect source of polyplenols and it even contains antioxidants which can help in reducing cardiovascular inflammation. The taste of the fruit is not so good. It does not fall into the category of yummy fruits.

The healthy blueberriesThe healthy blueberries

Don’t get duped by the size of blueberries. This is a small fruit with lots of health benefits. It can cure everything from cancer to heart diseases. If you can mix the fruit well with lemon juice you just cannot ignore the perfect blend of health and taste. This is an undeniable source of antioxidant and there are more reasons which make it compulsory for you to have blueberries in summer.