What type of clothes gives comfort to infants / new born babies?

The art of dressing and the selection of clothes play a vital role in keeping the new born baby comfortable.

Not only adults can suffer from the heat effect of summer, rather the infants are much more sensible and can end up with variety of complications. The type of clothes worn by them is an important consideration as the fabrics with which the clothing is made forms a vital part of the infant’s health. If you are making them wear clothes of synthetic and nylon fabrics, this can end up with rashes over their skin tone. These types of fabrics normally do not suites the infants. Rather, it is always suggested that infants must be provided with cotton fabrics to wear. For summer seasons it is must to keep your baby comfortable.

While making your new born baby wear the clothing, it is important to keep a note on several things. Not all types of clothes design and fabric can keep him comfortable. You need to choose soft fabric when choosing dress for your infant. If you have bough new clothes, it is better to wash it several times with antiseptic liquid so that the bacteria and works present in new clothes can be removed. Also the linen and blanket that you will be using for your baby must be washed adequately. Let’s find out more tips for baby clothing wear.

Points to remember while dressing a new born baby

Natural baby tips for infant care

  • It is advisable to wash all new clothes, blankets and linens before using it for the baby. The baby clothes should be washed with a mild detergent and ringed at least twice to remove all streaks of soap which can cause irritation on the baby’s delicate skin. Best is to dress babies in dresses made from old clothes of parents or grandparents asthese have become soft after several washes?
  • The inside seams in baby’s clothes should be soft and not rough or irritating.
  • New born baby’s need to be kept warm, hence swaddling them in a blanket will keep them cozy.
  • Babies need to be dresses according to the weather. Dress them as you would dress yourself with just one extra layer in summer or winter.
  • Babies lose heat faster from their head, hence it is important to cover the baby’s head with a cap and keep the feet warm with socks especially in winter.
  • In hot season keep the baby away from the sun. Cover the baby with light long sleeved clothes and cap or hat
  • Infants grow very fast in size, so it is better to make dresses in different sizes and they should be fewer in number…
  • Remember never to overdress the baby. This may overheat the baby and there can be a risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

How to dress your baby

New born babies like to be kept cosy and warm. But it is also a task to dress them. As the baby lies on the back, there should be no fasteners or buttons at the back of the dress. It is better if the dress is buttoned at the front or down the front. Fancy dresses with ribbons, laces or strings around the neck must be avoided. Stretch fabrics are more comfortable. Clothes for winter can be made of heavy cotton and fleece. In summer the dresses should be made of light, soft cotton fabrics. Dressing and undressing the baby must be learnt carefully.

Suitable dresses that give comfort to the new born baby

Baby feeding guide for mothers

  • During winter keep the baby warm with layers of clothes. A hat, pair of mittens and socks will keep the infant warm. It is better to swaddle the baby in a fleece blanket which is light, soft and warm
  • In summer the baby must be protected from the heat of the sun. Summer clothes must be madeof lightweight and breathable pure cottons. The clothes must be loose fitting and in light colors to prevent the heat.
  • There are some all in one t-shirts in the market which are simply put over the head and buttoned at the bottom. These are convenient for changing diapers and are comfortable for the infant. They are in different textures for summer as well as for summer. These one piece garments are very practical. They come in various colors and design.
  • Socks, mittens and new born caps are necessary for infants. New born caps are lightweight and help in keeping the head warm.
  • Special attention must be given to the baby’s bedtime clothes. The fluctuating temperature of the baby must be accommodated while sleeping at night. Bed time dresses should keep the baby warm without the blanket. Blankets are not recommended for infants as they can suffocate the baby. Never cover the baby’s head will sleeping. . It can lead to overheating and suffocation.

Types of clothing that keeps infants in comfort

Choose the cotton fabric

Baby skin care in winter

Whatever design or types of clothing you make your baby to wear during summer is not a very big question, but it is always important to choose the cotton fabrics. This particular type of fabric will keep them comfortable for a long time.

Base layer

Since infants are very susceptible, it is important to make them wear a base layer just before making them get the actual clothing.  This will retain their body temperature without the chance of getting affected by external wind.

Short clothing

Let the infants wear the breathable clothing such that they can get some air pass through the clothes. When it is an infant girl, make her wear skirts or frock that is above the knee. Similarly for infant boys, the half pants should be above the knee line. The short clothes will help the kids stay happy as they can freely move their legs and hands without any restriction.

Stretchy jumpsuits

Not all babies have same type of body structure and muscle formation. Some can be very skinny whereas others are quite healthy. The stretchy jumpsuits are very much preferable for the infants who have learned to crawl. They will go ahead with movements during the summer days without any problems. The cottony soft and stretchable jumpsuits are really preferable in this regard. Try it for your kid and keep them comfortable.

Tips to choose baby clothing and give him comfort

Soft clothing

Irrespective of the gender of your baby, choice of clothing must be soft and comfortable. Normally the cotton fabric is preferable for your babies. Both during summer and winter make him wear clothes with cotton texture. The skin of your baby cannot tolerate any other variety of fabric and give rise to irritation. The soft cotton clothing will keep your baby happy and cheerful always.

Cozy and warm clothing

The new born baby should be kept warm always. Apart from keeping within mother’s lap always, it is also important for you to make him stay in such an environment where he knows everyone and likes them. It is better to keep linen under the clothing in order to get a protective layer. This will keep him cozy and warm. Also keep a light blanket all the season so that your baby stays cozy. You can have a wide variety in the market.

Button at the front

The dress of your baby must be designed in such a way that it can be easily put on and opened without hurting your baby. The front open clothes with button at the front will be idea/ to be opened and put on. The clothes that are made to be slipped from the head might make your baby uncomfortable while wearing. This might also be difficult to get from the market. In such cases you can make it from your local tailor and let him wear.