How to get rid of dry chapped lips – Lip care tips for women

A lip is an important part of your face that should be cared adequately to bring out natural beauty of your face. If your lips tend to stay scaly and unattractive along with dead skin layer, the whole facial presentation will be disrupted. Thus, if you wish to stay beautiful in the eyes of your friends and relatives, caring your lips adequately will be an important factor. Instead of using harmful cosmetics and lip balms that are available in the market, you can get some effective homemade techniques to keep your lips look beautiful. You can now get juicy and well moisturized lips that will even make you feel beautiful and healthy. If your lips have lost their natural color, the homemade tips will bring back the naturally beautiful lips with pinkish tinge.

Rose and pink lips add the more beauty to the women. Lips are the symbol for the romance. Here are the some of the lip care tips for the good beautiful lips and to prevent, treat the dry chapped lips.

Best women lip care tips

Best lip care tips for women

  •  Use the natural homemade lip scrubs to exfoliate lips. Use the sea salt and honey scrub to exfoliate the lips.
  • Use the Chapstick before applying the lipstick. Chapstick layer is used as the base for the lip sticks it won’t dry the lipstick.
  • Use the vitamin E rich lip balms to the lips they will protect lips.
  • Avoid applying the lipstick over on the lips. It makes you bad.
  • Honey is the best moisturizer for the lips. Apply the honey on the lips after 10 minutes wash with water.
  • Make massage to your lips with almond oil or olive oil.
  • Apply the butter or milk creams at the night time before going to bed. It will make your lips smooth.
  • Do not pull the dry flake from the lips. Use the natural lip scrubs to remove the dead cells from the lips.
  • Drink lot of water and be hydrated.
  • Use the lip balms with high SPF and which gives the protection from the UV rays.

Top lip care tips for women

Honey and coconut oil

Homemade lip scrubs

Coconut oil is used to apply over the hair in order to keep the hair moisturized and given a strengthening to the hair roots. Naturally, coconut oil will be readily available at your home. Similarly, today in every house people wishes to keep good health and uses healthy ingredients while making food. Thus, sugar is replaced with honey. Naturally, honey can also be found easily at home. You can now take a mixture with half teaspoon each of honey and coconut and mix them well. Now apply it over your lips and massage it slowly with fingertips. Keep it for 10 minutes and then wash it away.

Beetroot juice

Get some beet from the vegetable shop and take 1/4th of a beetroot. Now grind it and extract juice out of it. Combine this beetroot juice with half teaspoon of olive oil. Mix them well and apply it over your lips. This solution needs to be kept over your lips for 15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. You can easily get a pinkish tinge over your lips once this treatment is conducted.


You must have light butters with low cholesterol at home that is needed while making sandwich during your breakfast. Butter is also used instead of oil in various recipes to get good smell and avoid cholesterol. Now this butter can also be helpful in making lips look beautiful. Take a pinch of butter with your fingertip and apply the same over your lips. This needs to be done just before going to bed so that it works repairing your lips throughout the night and give you refreshing and beautiful lips the next day morning.

Almond and coconut oil

Best tips to get pink rose lips

Almond is a nut available in the nature that has variety of health benefits. A combination of almond with coconut oil can do wonder. For this you need to take 2 pieces of almond and grind it well with the help of a mixer and grinder. Make a paste out of it and add two drops of coconut oil with it. Apply it over your lips and massage it. The mixture of almond and coconut oil can also be a wonderful scrubber if your do not grind almond totally and keep some grain like substance over it. After scrubbing Keep the solution for around 10 minutes and then wash away with cold water and see the difference.

Tomato juice

You must have heard and seen many ladies putting the juice of tomato over their face. This probably helps in removing tan skin layer from the face completely. Similarly, due to the use of cheap lipstick and smoking, some ladies have come up with blackish tinge of their lips. You can now apply tomato juice over your lips to remove the darkness from the lips completely. If you also want moisturizing your lips along with removing the dark layers, combine a drop of coconut oil with the tomato juice and apply over your lips. You have to do this three times in a week to maintain beautiful and healthy lips.

Olive oil

Olive oil is another important ingredient that can be used to make your lips look beautiful and healthy. You can extract oil from fresh olives or get ready made olive oil from the market. Apply the oil over your lips and let it stay like that absolutely. No need to remove it. Your skin will automatically absorb it and make your lips get all types of moisturizing elements. Getting pinkish and well moisturized skin will be quite easy with the wonderful effect of olive oil. Since olive oil is edible, it won’t be a problem even if you eat up.

Natural lip balm

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You must be applying lip balms several times in a day. But, did you ever think that lip balm that you are using may be harmful. The local products that you have chosen have the major problem associated with this regard. You must go ahead with the lip balm that is naturally obtained at home. Another option will be choosing the branded company and the product manufactured by it.

No biting lips

Sometimes the habit that you are going through can also keep you in mess. Yes, most of you must have the habit of biting your lips. This is probably one of the worst habits you are adopting.  While doing this you are hurting your lips and the softness and beauty will ideally go away. It is the time for you to know about the same and avoid biting lips totally.

Fruit and veggies

In order to get beautiful lips, it will be your duty to have healthy diet. Yes, the diet plays an important role in making your lips wonderful and amiable. People will admire your lips by looking into it. It is important to have fruits that are rich in vitamins as well as minerals. This will keep your skin stay hydrated for a long time. Mostly vitamin E and vitamin B are essential to make your lips healthy and beautiful. The fruits which will work the most include berries, kiwi, avocados, papayas, etc. It will keep your skin glowing and attractive.

Cucumber juice

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Your lips are also one of the parts of your skin. Thus, you need to choose something that will keep your skin better. You need to take a cucumber and cut it from the middle. Extract juice from half the cucumber and store it in a bottle. You can take that juice from the refrigerator and apply the juice to your lips by dipping a cotton ball in it. This will make your lips really healthy and beautiful. After applying this you can keep for 20 minutes and then remove. Alternatively you can also keep the juice applied without washing. It wont harm.